Jan. 22nd, 2018

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As of the morning paper's deadline the federal government shutdown had not been resolved. That led me to thoughts of what if this impasse, or perhaps some future version of it, never gets settled? Well, maybe not never, but several centuries at least. What do the people involved do?

Does the nation-state formerly known as the United States of America split up for lack of funding authority?

Perhaps the states will go their separate ways, on their own or in league with other entities. Some military units might be able to survive by hiring themselves out as mercenaries while others may resort to plunder. But would such efforts succeed? Military supplies and equipment are pretty tricky to make nowadays. The village blacksmith's efforts probably won't get very far.

But the former Feds may not give up that easily. A few centuries hence we hear that their descendants have set up a sort of hereditary ruling body to eventually take back the reins of authority. They've been building up their numbers and are rumored to be getting close to having a quorum of members in their so-called "Congress", as well as an heir apparent to the Presidential throne.

One question: How many of the rulers of the former United States will be willing to return to the old ways, or whatever semblance of the old ways the Federation can claim to have successfully reconstructed?
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