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I should explain why I haven't been doing much of anything here lately. Basically it's that I've moved. It was only a few miles across town, but in the process I had to let go of about sixteen years' worth of clutter. That took much of my energy for the past month or so. And now I'm faced with having to decide how to arrange my part of the new place, which is shared with others.

It's no surprise that this has been a stressful time, even if the stress is mostly "good" stress rather than distress.

Not only have I had to shed physical clutter, but I've let go of various and sundry habits as well. Not all of these were things I wanted to rid myself of, so I'll be making an effort to reinstate some of them. This is likely to take even more time, since there's a fair amount of soul-searching and decision-making involved.

I hope to have more stuff to post soon.
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