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Christmas is technically over, at least for most people (your calendar and/or time zone may vary).

I'm reminded that seeing December 26 as a date in a document or on a display gives me a kind of melancholy feeling no matter what time of year it actually is when I see it. It seems to remind me of that "Christmas is over" feeling I'd get every year as a child on the day after, when I realized I would have to wait almost a whole year for the joys of that season to come around again. Somehow the joys of the rest of the year never seemed to come to mind right then.

And I'm also reminded of the Christmas when, late on the evening of the 25th, I was sitting at the counter in an all-night greasy spoon as the manager called out, "86 Christmas," meaning that the Christmas special was no longer on the menu. Again, a reason for a bit of a melancholy mood.
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