Jun. 19th, 2017

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We're getting close to the 2017 Northern Hemisphere Summer Solstice: 9:24 pm California time, on Tuesday, June 20. That'll be about half-past midnight Wednesday morning in the eastern portions of the US, then later in the day Wednesday in Europe and Asia.

At that time the Sun will be rounding the turn on the Analemma.

You can see it at


which is updated hourly year-round.

At the Solstice the Sun will transition from Gemini to Cancer (Tropical Zodiac) and the Sun's longitude will pass 90 degrees.

At this time (give or take an hour or so to give the program time to update the image) you can see the dot in the center of the Sun image change from yellow to gray as it passes from one sign to the other. You will need to reload the image periodically to see any changes.

In the coming months the days will start getting shorter. You may want to check this site now and then during the course of the year.

The page also has links to more detailed explanations of what an analemma is.

Please feel free to pass the URL on to others.

Happy Solstice!
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