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The holidays are finally over. There's still Martin Luther King day, but it doesn't have the festive party-time feel of days like Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year's (and my birthday, which comes in early January). So I don't think of it as part of the "holiday season".

We're coming into what I think of as the "gray time". Often the weather is literally gray and overcast, but I feel the term may apply even on days that aren't actually gray. The sun is low in the south, giving a late-afternoon feel to things even at midday. Days are short even though they're getting longer (see http://www.plergb.com/Analemma/Analemma.shtml for some of the details), and we're settling back down into our "normal" routine of school or work or whatever after weeks of playful festivals. And it's going to stay like that for a while before the next happy playful times come around.

Groundhog Day and Valentine's are signs of hope that this time will end. So are Washington's and Lincoln's birthdays, now merged into Presidents Day. But they don't have the holiday feel that I sometimes find myself missing, so they aren't quite the end of the dreariness yet.

The season does gradually end with the longer and brighter days of spring.
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