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The nose ring that has been part of my face for almost twelve years is no more. It had to come out so they could do surgery on my eyes, and I doubt I'll be putting it back in, at least any time soon.

For one thing, in the process of taking it out it broke into two pieces. And for another, I don't feel that much need for it any more. Maybe my hormones are going down with age? Or maybe it's just not nose ring time right now?

I've been noticing the degree to which I'd gotten accustomed to it being there. I reach up to push it aside to take a bite of food or something and I'm a bit surprised to not find anything in the way. This will probably fade with time, but I'm currently noticing it.

I'm gradually getting used to there being nothing hanging there under my nose. And most people probably never really anything there to begin with, so for them things are just "normal".

I suppose I should do up a new profile picture eventually.
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